How to take care of cut flowers

You can transform any boring desk in a beautiful place with gorgeous and best-cut flowers in a vase. Whether you order them direct from a florist or receive as a present, it works really well. Sometimes we face difficulty storing cut natural flowers young and growing inside. Understanding which types of buds are the fittest to turn for long-lasting cut blossoms is the initial move. Here are some tips to keep cut flowers steady:

Choose Fresh and Healthful Cut Flowers for Vase

  • The stems must be green touch and steady, not oozy.
  • Only use fresh water and it should breathe pure.
  • Avoid damaged stalks or faded buds ( Blackened)

Things to do before you put the flowers into a vase!

  • Preserve flowers in cooling until you can put them in the flowers
  • Don't forget to ensure a clean cut an inch or less up the petiole while petioles are sunken.
  • The vase and other accessories must be clean and good condition (quality).
  • The next step is to eliminate the leaves which touch the water.

How to Keep best-cut flowers Blooming?

  • Try to arrange the space according to the lights, keep the best-cut flowers vase best-cut flowersout of direct daylight.
  • Replace the water regularly (each next day).
  • Ensure a clean-cut an inch each period you modify the water.



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