Lilies with Roses

Lilies with Roses

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  • Pink Lilies Roses Bouquet Delivery in Sharjah AED : 170

    Pink Lilies & Roses

    • 3 stems of pink oriental lilies and 6 pink rose's wrapped as a flower bouquet
    • Enriched with white gypsophila fillers and lush greens
    • Light pink wrapping with ribbon bow makes the bouquet vibrant
    • Free delivery in Sharjah all days with your message printed on greeting card
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  • lilies roses bouquet AED : 170

    Esteem 6 – 6

    • Flowers bouquet comprising of 6 red roses and 6 blooms of white oriental lilies
    • Lush greens, suitable off white wrapping and a red ribbon is added to the bouquet
    • Message printed on a greeting card is delivered along with flowers as a compliment
    • Free delivery to the specified address in Sharjah is offered at given price
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  • yellow white flowers bouquet delivery AED : 170


    • Style: Hand bouquet arrangement with 6 yellow roses & 3 stem white oriental  lilies (partially bloomed)
    • Size: Bouquet Height 60 CM and Width 30CM
    • Quality:  Order, the new yellow roses and white lilies are arranged in off white colour wrapping and yellow colour bow ready to be shipped to your destination.
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  • Symmetry-Red Roses Lilies Vase AED : 180


    • 6 red roses and white oriental lilies set in a clear glass vase
    • Decorated with white gypsophila fillers and green leaves
    • A matching red ribbon bow added to the vase
    • Delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman is guaranteed
    • A free greeting card to convey your message along with flowers
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  • 20 Flowers Bouquet Made of Red Roses White Lilies AED : 200

    Thoughts in Form Bouquet

    • Mixed flower bouquet of red roses and white oriental lilies
    • 19 flowers are assorted with white gypsophila fillers and suitable greens
    • Wrapped in off white color and a red ribbon bow added
    • Free delivery anywhere in Sharjah including a message card
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  • Veracity -Pink Roses Lilies Premium Hand Bouquet AED : 200

    Veracity- Pink Premium Bouquet

    • 9 pink roses and 9 blooms (3 stems)of oriental lilies hand tied as a flower bouquet
    • White gypsophila fillers and palm leaves used to enhance the beauty
    • Wrapped with light colored tissue and matching pink ribbon bow
    • Get free and same day delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman
    • Custom message printed on a greeting card also delivered along with gift
    • You can add other gift items with flower bouquet as required
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  • Feel-Enchanted with Roses Lilies AED : 200

    Feel Enchanted-Roses lilies

    • Red roses and pink oriental lilies in a transparent glass vase @AED 210/-
    • 10 roses and 3 stems of lilies are arranged with green ferns and foliage
    • Door delivery is guaranteed anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman
    • Free message card offered with vase to convey warm messages printed on it
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  • red roses white lilies bouquet delivery in Sharjah UAE AED : 200

    Congrats Bouquet

    Red Roses White Lilies bouquet Includes:

    • 9 Red Roses+ 3 stems of White Lilies
    • Same Day Delivery  (Without Fees) 
    • Greetings Card will be free.
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  • Pink Flowers Bouquet and Chocolates AED : 210

    Lovely Ardour

    • Style: Pink bouquet of roses and lilies A chocolate box of Ferrero Rocher (200 grams gift box)
    • Size: Height 60CM and Width 20CM
    • Quality: Roses and Lilies are arranged with fillers and premium wrapping ready for delivery
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  • Lovely Morning Flowers Lilies Roses Carnations in Sharjah AED : 215

    Pink Roses, Lilies , Carnations

    • Mixed flowers like pink roses, lilies and carnations arranged in a vase. • Message with flowers written / printed on medium sized greeting card • Get free delivery on any date at Sharjah.
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  • Sale! AED : 217

    Best Friend Ever

    • Style: 3 stems of pink lilies and 9 red roses are arranged with fillers as a hand bouquet. 
    • Size: 60 CM height and 30CM width
    • Quality: Fresh pink lilies and red roses arranged by expert florist. A temperature-controlled van is used for delivery and this ensures the flowers stay fresh.
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  • Admire with Pink Lilies Roses on Short Vase AED : 220

    Pink Lilies Roses with Vase

    • 6 pink roses arranged with 6 pink oriental lilies in short vase. • Message with flowers printed on greeting card • Free delivery to required address is offered by the florist.
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  • orange roses white lilies vase AED : 235

    Healing Colors

    Flower vase includes: 
    • 10 orange roses 
    • 4 stem lilies
    • Glass Vase
    • Free Greeting Card (message will print)
    • Free Delivery
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  • Send a beautiful pink roses and lilies bouquet teddy bear combo AED : 240

    Pure Love

    • Style: Flower arrangement with 6 pink roses 3 stem lily bouquet in a premium wrapping and ribbon bow added with white and green filler along with off white color teddy bear.
    • Size: Height 70 CM
    • Quality:  Fresh handpicked roses paired with a simple sleek ribbon bow including a teddy bear with hand bouquet. Shipping is in a temperature- controlled van directly from our shop to the delivery address.
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  • Send a white flowers bouquet and chocolates box together as a combo gift to your affectionate ones AED : 246

    Tranquil Time

    • Style: Combo Gift - Bouquet arrangement of mixed white flowers (Roses, lilies and carnations) + Patchi chocolates (250 grams)
    • Size: Bouquet Height 60 CM and Width 30CM
    • Quality:  Order, the new and mixed white flowers are arranged in a hand bouquet. Shipping directly from the shop to the receiver address in a temperature-controlled van. Patchi chocolate box is kept in a gift bag.
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  • Red and White Lilies Roses Basket Delivery in Sharjah and Ajman AED : 250

    Lilies Roses Basket Red White

    • Red roses and white lilies, total about 25 flowers arranged in a basket
    • The willow basket is decorated with green leaves and lushes
    • A matching red ribbon bow is added to it
    • Free delivery is assured on this basket in Sharjah and Ajman on all days
    • Greeting card offered to send message printed on it
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  • Fair Fusion – White Lilies Roses Basket Arrangement AED : 250

    Fair Fusion – White Liles Roses

    • White lilies roses arranged beautifully in a willow woven basket
    • Includes 15 roses and 5 oriental lilies with white gypsophila fillers and leaves
    • Has a height of about 70 cm and width around 50 cm
    • A suitable white ribbon is added to the basket
    • Home delivery everywhere in Sharjah and Ajman is possible with a free greeting card
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  • Give the most beautiful 6 red roses 3 pink lily round bouquet AED : 257

    Glory of Love

    • Style: Combo Gift that comprises of hand bouquet arrangement with 3 stems of pink lilies and 6 red roses with 250 gm Patchy chocolates box is included as additional item.
    • Size: Height 60 cm and width 30CM for the bouquet.
    • Quality: Fresh handpicked roses arranged in a red and pink lilies black wrapping red and white colour ribbon ready to be shipped to your destination in same day available.
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  • Bouquet Roses Lilies Teddy Patchi Chocolates AED : 310

    Lovely Moments

    • Style: Combo Gift: Arrangement of Bouquet of pink roses x6, lilies x 3 stems an off-white wrapping, decorated with a rose ribbon bow + Teddy bear and Patchi Chocolates x1 Box(250gms)
    • Size: Bouquet Height 70CM and Width 30CM Teddy Bear 35CM
    • Quality: White roses and lilies are freshly arranged in the hand bouquet with suitable green fillers including Patchi chocolates and teddy. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van directly from the shop to the specified destination.
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  • Hand bouquet arrangement of 3 stems white oriental lilies, 6 red roses AED : 315

    Elegant Queen

    • Style: Hand bouquet arrangement of 3 stems white oriental lilies, 6 red roses, round wrapping in red and white and ribbon bow with 500 gm patchi chocolates.
    • Size: Bouquet Height 60cm and Width 30cm
    • Quality: Beautiful mixed flowers are arranged after receiving the order. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van directly from the shop
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    • Hand bouquet of pink lilies and roses
    • 1 KG premium strawberry cake from Caesars Bakers 
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  • Treasure for Life – White Roses Lilies Delivery in Sharjah AED : 349

    Treasure for Life

    • Arrangement of white roses lilies in a willow basket
    • 20 white roses and 3 stems (about 18 blooms) of half-opened lilies are used
    • White gypsophila fillers and green leaves are used to decorate the basket
    • Delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman are offered with a free message card
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  • big flower basket with lilies and roses AED : 350

    Exquisite Flower Basket

    Big Flower Basket Includes:

    • Red Roses
    • Yellow Lilies
    • White Tube Roses
    • Total about 40 Blooms
    • Basket arrangement 
    • Can Change colors upon request (Asper Availability) 
    • Free delivery from the direct flower shop in Sharjah
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  • Lilies Roses Basket for AED 250 at Sharjah, Ajman AED : 367

    Lilies Roses Basket Pink White

    • Medium sized basket arrangement of oriental lilies with roses
    • Total 35 blooms of pink and red roses and pink lilies are used
    • Basket is made pretty with green lushes and white gypsophila fillers
    • A matching pink ribbon bow is also added to the lilies roses basket
    • Free delivery and message card is offered in Sharjah and Ajman
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  • lilies roses big basket AED : 599

    Big Flower Basket

    • Oriental lilies white 20 blooms ( ie approximately 9 stems)
    • Red roses + White roses = 30
    • Matching Gypsophila fillers
    • Basket
    • Faced Arrangement
    • Free delivery anywhere in Dubai/ Sharjah/ Ajman
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Beautiful Lilies and Roses Arrangements

Lilies and roses, the most demanded flowers in UAE on any occasion. Everyone likes to grand something expensive to his/her loved ones. Generally speaking, very few are looking for something meaningful. As a flower delivery service, we totally involved in natural fresh floral gifts in UAE. As a matter of fact, seasonal variations will not affect negatively on availability. If you like to suggest the best and cheap flower delivery service in Sharjah, UAE. Lily and roses in different colors and designs can deliver upon online orders. It is equally important to provide the exact delivery address and contact number to make a perfect delivery. Spent less for the real mind-blowing gift to deliver on special days to your loved one in Sharjah.