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  • blue orchid bouquet AED : 199

    Majestic Blue

    • Real fresh 20 stems of orchid bouquet arrangement on online orders
    • Green leaf added for an attraction at first sight
    • Gentle Light Blue paper wrapping
    • Free greetings card printed with your own messages
    • Ensured same day delivery anywhere in Sharjah
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  • 20 purple orchid AED : 199

    Perfect Purple

    • Bouquet of 20 purple orchids
    • Suitable wrapping & presentation
    • Free Delivery from 9AM to 5PM 
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  • send flowers Sharjah White Orchids in Black VAse AED : 205

    White Orchid Vase

    • 20 pieces of Dendrobium white orchids are arranged on a short black vase
    • Green leaves folded at bottom of orchids to make vase beautiful.
    •  It is a small flower arrangement that can be delivered anywhere in Sharjah any day.
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  • Send an elegant bouquet of 10 white orchids and Patchy chocolates 250 grams AED : 210

    Blissful Beauty

    • Style: 10 Beautiful white orchids are arranged in a hand bouquet along with 250 gm Patchy chocolates box. 
    • Size: Bouquet Height 40CM 
    • Quality: Fresh white orchids, 10 pieces are arranged in a golden colour wrapping with white colour bow ready to be shipped to your destination in a temperature-controlled van. 
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  • Hand bouquet arrangement of 10 stem purple orchid AED : 210

    Heavenly Blessing

    • Style: Combo Gift: Hand bouquet arrangement of 10 stem purple orchid flowers in a premium wrapping, decorated with white ribbon bow + Patchi chocolate box (250gm)
    • Size: Bouquet Height 70CM
    • Quality: Purple orchids freshly arranged in the hand bouquet after receiving the order along with Patchi chocolates. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van directly from the store to the recipient address
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  • Posh Purple Orchids On Top of Short Vase for Sharjah AED : 225

    Posh Purple Orchids

    • 20 purple orchids arranged on a vase
    • A matching Ribbon is added to the vase
    • A greeting card is provided with your message printed on it.
    • Available for delivery all 7 days a week.
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  • birthday flowers AED : 235

    Blissful Day

    • 20 stems of blue orchid flowers placed in a matching square vase
    • Perfectly matching with the baby boy flower concept in UAE
    • Blue arrangement now coupled with matching green fillers for finishing the design.
    • It will last for a week without any damage and color change.
    • Same day and next day delivery ensured by team SFD to anywhere in Sharjah.
    • Greeting card with a printed message is free with the flower arrangement.
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  • : Orchid Bouquet with Teddy and Ferrero Rocher AED : 239

    Royal Beauty

    • Style: Combo Gift: Hand bouquet arrangement of 20 stem purple orchid flowers in a premium wrapping, decorated with pink ribbon bow + Ferrero Rocher chocolate box + Teddy Bear
    • Size: Bouquet Height 50 CM – Teddy bear- 35 CM
    • Quality: Fresh purple orchids are arranged in the hand bouquet as per the order. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van straight from the store to the address of the receiver.
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  • 10 Purple Mukara Orchids Delivery in Sharjah and Ajman AED : 250

    Purple Mukara Vase

    • Purple mukara orchid flowers with green leaves on a square short vase • Message given by sender will be printed on a greeting card • Free delivery is ensured by sharjahflowerdelivery.com shop directly.
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  • White Blue Flowers Gift Delivery for Baby Boy Sharjah AED : 250

    Lilies Orchids-White blue flowers

    • Oriental white lilies and blue orchids in light blue theme square vase • Message will be written or printed on medium sized greeting card • Free delivery of white and blue flowers
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  • purple orchid lilies box AED : 280

    New Beginnings

    • 20 purple orchid
    • 4stem lilies
    • Wooden Box Arrangement
    • Free Delivery
    • Free Message card
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  • red roses orchid basket AED : 299

    Tender Hearted

    • Basket with 20 Red Roses and orchids in the shape of a pyramid
    • Same day free delivery available from this local flower shop
    • Call before the order to change the color of flowers in the basket (White, yellow-orange, and pink)
    • A greeting card is free with the flowers to add your messages.
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  • blue white flower vase AED : 300

    Charming Boy

     Arrangement Includes:

    • White Asiatic Lilies 4 lilies
    • Blue Orchids 10 stems 
    • Baby Boy Balloon
    • Squire Vase with Blue Bow
    • Free Message Card
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  • Baby Boy Combo Gift with Blue Orchids, Chocolate Balloon AED : 308

    Sweet Baby

    • Style: Combo Gift: Hand bouquet arrangement of 20 stem blue orchid flowers in a premium wrapping, decorated with blue ribbon bow + Patchi chocolate box (250 grams)+ Balloon
    • Size: Bouquet Height 40 CM – Balloon – 30 inches.
    • Quality: Freshly placed blue orchids in the hand bouquet after getting the order along with Patchi chocolates and balloon. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van straight from the store to the address of the receiver. 
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  • multi color cymbidium vase AED : 340

    Heavenly Gift

    Flower design includes the following:
    • 2 stems of white cymbidium
    • 1 stem of green cymbidium
    • Transparent Glass Vase
    • Free delivery with a printed greetings card
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  • Orchid Plants 2 with Flowers in Ceramic Pot AED : 350

    2 Orchid Plants in Table Top Pot

    Next Day Delivery Only

    • 2 Orchid Plants in Ceramic Pot
    • Mostly the colour of pot will be white
    • The total height of 2 white orchid plants in one pot is about 80 CM.
    • Delivery in Sharjah and Ajman areas is free.
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  • 20 orchids 500 gm Patchi AED : 399

    Heavenly Treat

    • Style: 20 purple orchid bouquet arranged in hand bouquet wrapped in pink and tied with matching ribbon bow combo 500 gm Patchi chocolates.
    • Size: Bouquet Height 60 CM and Width 30CM
    • Quality:  Newly selected purple orchid is arranged in a hand bouquet. We deliver directly from the shop to the receiver address in a temperature-controlled van.
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  • Delightful Blossom of premium flower arrangement AED : 450

    Delightful Blossom

    • Flower Basket Arrangement  60-70 CM Height
    • Free message card
    • Free delivery


    • Red roses
    • Hydrangea
    • Pink Lilies
    • Pink Roses
    • Cymbidium Orchid
    • White Orchids
    • Chrysanthemum
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  • Floral Harmony of mixed flowers basket AED : 475

    Floral Harmony

    • White gladiola-10 stems
    • White deco-15 stems
    • Red rose -15 stems
    • Blue orchid-10 stems
    • Blue statis-5 stems
    • Big basket-1
    • Green leaves
    • White Lilly -3 stems
    • Free Greetings Card
    • Free Delivery (Friday to Friday)
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  • 5 feet flower stand AED : 649


    Flower Arrangement Includes:
    • Roses in 3 color  
    • Lilies in 2 colors
    • Anthurium green and white
    • Blue premium orchid
    • 4 feet metal stand
    • Two level design
    • Free delivery
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  • Big Basket of Orchid Lilies Roses AED : 999

    Orchid Lilies Roses-Artful Present

    • Artful Present is an awesome big arrangement of Cymbidium Orchid with beautiful red and white roses.
    • One long Cymbidium orchid, 25 red roses, 25 white roses, and 20 tulips are being used.
    • Arranged with fresh green fillers and suitable fillers.
    • The complimentary greeting card is delivered along with this basket
    • Please order one day in advance to get the flowers ready.
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Lovely Orchid Gifts to Convey Your Greetings 

These orchid flowers are delicate, exotic, and adorned with a profusion of petals that beautifully make up the orchid flower’s artistic shape. Orchid flowers, which come in over 25,000 species, have won hearts with their beauty. To show your love for your special someone, use orchid flower delivery in Sharjah. With an orchid flower bouquet, convey the best wishes and greetings to anyone. Orchid flowers are delicate and dazzling, making them a wonderful token of love and affection. Orchid essence online is so angelic that it can comfort a grieving soul. Present your special someone with a gift on their birthday or anniversary.