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  • 7 mixed roses bouquet AED : 109

    7 Mixed Roses

    • 7 Roses Bouquet with Suitable Wrapping  
    • (Red, Pink, Yellow and Orange Colors)
    • Free delivery available from 10AM to 5PM on working days. 
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  • white chrysanthemum AED : 117

    Virgin Valley

    White Chrysanthem Flower Bouquet - 9 Stems with Wrapping
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  • 12 white roses as hand bouquet Sharjah AED : 150


    • 12 white roses hand bouquet with suitable wrapping.
    • Free delivery anywhere in Sharjah at AED 150 offer price.
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  • Yellow orange white roses AED : 150

    Big Applause

    • Flower bouquet of 12 mixed roses hand tied nicely
    • 60 to 70 CM Height
    • Comprise of 4 blooms of yellow, orange and white roses each
    • White gypsophila fillers and green leaves used in between roses
    • Wrapped in off-white tissue with pale yellow ribbon bow
    • Include your personal message printed on a free greeting card offered
    • Same day home delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman on all days
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  • Sale! Companion – 12 Mix Roses Hand Bouquet Delivery in Sharjah AED : 150


    • 12 Pink, red and white roses tied as a hand bouquet
    • Wrapped in off white and designed with green fillers
    • A suitable red ribbon bow is added to the bouquet
    • Home delivery assured anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman
    • Free greeting card delivered along with flowers bearing printed message
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  • Sale! mix flowers bouquet for same day delivery AED : 150

    Beautiful Words

    • Lilies, roses in different colors, chrysanthemum, and carnations arranged as the best combination for any occasion.
    • White wrapping with a ribbon bow, mix fillers
    • Same day free delivery to any address in Sharjah (Office or Residence)
    • Free medium sized greeting card freely included.
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  • Pink Flowers Bouquet AED : 160


    • Mixed pink flowers
    • same day delivery
    • Free greetings card
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  • white flowers bouquet AED : 160

    Great Respect

    • White flowers bouquet
    • Roses, chrysanthemum
    • Green Fillers
    • White wrapping
    • Free printed card
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  • Pink Lilies Roses Bouquet Delivery in Sharjah AED : 170

    Pink Lilies & Roses

    • 3 stems of pink oriental lilies and 6 pink rose's wrapped as a flower bouquet
    • Enriched with white gypsophila fillers and lush greens
    • Light pink wrapping with ribbon bow makes the bouquet vibrant
    • Free delivery in Sharjah all days with your message printed on greeting card
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  • lilies roses bouquet AED : 170

    Esteem 6 – 6

    • Flowers bouquet comprising of 6 red roses and 6 blooms of white oriental lilies
    • Lush greens, suitable off white wrapping and a red ribbon is added to the bouquet
    • Message printed on a greeting card is delivered along with flowers as a compliment
    • Free delivery to the specified address in Sharjah is offered at given price
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  • 12 roses bouquet AED : 170


    • Red roses hand bouquet -11 or 12 Roses (Suitable wrapping and Red ribbon bow ) • Message given by the sender is printed on a greeting card • Delivery is free anywhere in Sharjah
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  • 12 Red Rose Box AED : 180

    12 Red Rose Box

    • 12 superior class red roses arranged with fillers and greens in Box. • Suitable red color box (white and black ) with ribbon bow • Greeting card to write or print the message • Free delivery service in Sharjah or pick up from flower shop as required.
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  • Symmetry-Red Roses Lilies Vase AED : 180


    • 6 red roses and white oriental lilies set in a clear glass vase
    • Decorated with white gypsophila fillers and green leaves
    • A matching red ribbon bow added to the vase
    • Delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman is guaranteed
    • A free greeting card to convey your message along with flowers
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  • white rose vase AED : 180

    Spring Breeze

    • 12 white roses vase with a suitable green combination.
    • Home delivery assured anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman AED200/-.
    • Free greeting card delivered along with flowers bearing printed your own message.
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  • 12 red rose vase AED : 180

    Simplicity Reward

    • Simplicity Reward with 12 Red Rose Vase is a unique surprise of that designed with real fresh flowers.
    • Roses strengthened with luxurious greens that deliver it so simple and winning.
    • Designed in a perfect frosted glass vase surrounded by a pure red decorative ribbon
    • Free message card to print your own messages. AED 180, No delivery fees.
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  • wonderful emotions pink roses lilies vase AED : 180

    wonderful emotions

    Flower Arrangement includes:

    • 9 premium pink roses
    • 6 Blooms of white lilies
    • Best and matching green fillers
    • Transparent Glass Vase
    • Ribbon
    • Free printed card
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  • yellow roses bouquet ferrero AED : 189

    Welcome Back

    • Bouquet of 12 yellow roses for delivery in Sharjah
    • Designed with green fillers and white wrapping
    • Ferrero 200 gm as an additional gift.
    • Printed message card will be free with the flower arrangement.
    • Same day or next day delivery ensured from the flower shop.
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  • white lilies roses bouquet for a pleasing surprise AED : 190

    Pleasing Surprise

    • Bouquet of white lilies and roses
    • Added matching Green fillers
    • Free Printed message card
    • Free Delivery between 10 AM and 6 PM
    • No extra charge for changing colors (Roses: Red/Yellow/Orange/Pink/yellow Lily: Pink/white)
    • Best Price for Customized Bouquet in Sharjah
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  • Sincere Solicitude – White Oriental Lilies Hand Bouquet AED : 191

    Sincere Solicitude

    • 6 stems of White Oriental Lilies arranged as a flower a bouquet- Each stem has 4 to 6 blooms
    • Wrapped in off-white with added gypsophila fillers, green leaves to the flowers.
    • Stems immersed in a watered sponge to keep them fresh when delivered
    • Same-day home delivery is possible anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman
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  • Pleasing Pink Bouquet of Flowers Sharjah AED : 198

    Perfect Lady

    • Pink and white flowers bouquet –Lilies, roses, chrysanthemum, and carnations with fillers • Suitable light pink wrapping and ribbon bow is added • Message will be written / printed on medium sized greeting card • free delivery to any address in Sharjah is offered.
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  • blue orchid bouquet AED : 199

    Majestic Blue

    • Real fresh 20 stems of orchid bouquet arrangement on online orders
    • Green leaf added for an attraction at first sight
    • Gentle Light Blue paper wrapping
    • Free greetings card printed with your own messages
    • Ensured same day delivery anywhere in Sharjah
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  • 21 pink roses bouquet AED : 200

    Perfection-Pink Roses

    • Fresh pink roses arranged as a bouquet
    • Light and white tone pink roses 21 stems convey beauty and grace
    • White gypsophila fillers and green leaves make it charming
    • An appropriate pink ribbon bow is added
    • Free home delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman
    • Complimentary greeting card for conveying personal messages
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  • yellow white flower arrangement AED : 200

    Gracefully Decorated

    Flower arrangement includes:
    • Yellow rose 
    • Green chrysanthemum
    • White chrysanthemum 
    • Yellow chrysanthemum
    • Leafs and fillers
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  • premium mixed flowers bouquet AED : 200

    Best Wishes Bouquet

    • Premium Fresh Flowers
    • 60 to 70 CM Height
    • Free Greetings Card
    • Free Shipment between 9 am to 6 pm
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  • red roses berry bouquet AED : 210

    Present Moment

    • 12 fresh red roses
    • 10 stems of red berries
    • 60 to 70CM Bouquet
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  • 15 white roses vase AED : 213

    15 White Roses

    • 15 White Roses Long Stem
    • Mingled with delicate greenery and fillers
    • The greeting card will be free
    • Delivered to the door with free 
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  • Lovely Morning Flowers Lilies Roses Carnations in Sharjah AED : 215

    Pink Roses, Lilies , Carnations

    • Mixed flowers like pink roses, lilies and carnations arranged in a vase. • Message with flowers written / printed on medium sized greeting card • Get free delivery on any date at Sharjah.
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  • Sale! 24 white roses bouquet AED : 220

    Honest From Heart

    • 24 white roses wrapped in off white as flower bouquet
    • White gypsophila fillers used in between roses and palm leaves around
    • A suitable white ribbon bow is added to the bouquet
    • Home delivery guaranteed anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman without extra cost
    • Free greeting card to convey custom message printed on it
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  • Flower Box Arrangement AED : 220

    Great Day Wishes

    • Available Mix Flowers (Premium And Wild)
    • Free Delivery 
    • The height of the arrangement will be 60 CM to 70 CM.
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  • Medium special flowers box AED : 220

    Thanksgiving Flowers

    • Special Flowers Box
    • Pink white and Green Combo
    • Free Delivery
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  • orchid anthurium roses AED : 220

    orchid anthurium roses-reminder

    • White green mixed flowers like cymbidium orchids, anthurium and roses in short vase. • Message in a greeting card – printed or handwritten as required • Free delivery to any given address in Sharjah is offered at same price.
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  • Admire with Pink Lilies Roses on Short Vase AED : 220

    Pink Lilies Roses with Vase

    • 6 pink roses arranged with 6 pink oriental lilies in short vase. • Message with flowers printed on greeting card • Free delivery to required address is offered by the florist.
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  • 20 Red White Roses AED : 220

    20 Red White Roses

    • 10 Red Roses + 10 White Roses in Round Basket
    • Free Shipment
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  • double tone pink roses AED : 220

    Infinite Affection

    • 20 pink roses
    • Basket arrangement
    • Free delivery Between 9 AM to 6 PM
    • Free Greetings Card (Printed message)
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  • red white flowers vase AED : 225


    • red white flowers set attractively in a transparent glass vase
    • White gypsophila fillers are used to make it winsome
    • Home delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman is possible on any days
    • Free greeting with your message will be delivered along with flowers gift
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  • spray roses bouquet AED : 230

    Spray Roses

    • Bouquet of spray roses
    • 2 colors
    • Greeting Card will be free
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  • two level basket AED : 230

    Exquisite Gift

    • 2 Level Fresh Flower Design in a Basket
    • Mix Flowers in Red and White (Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemum)
    • Free Delivery in Sharjah and Ajman
    • Looks Good and Big 
    • Ensure Same day shipment
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  • Mix Flower Basket AED : 235

    Mix Flower Basket-Full of Life

    • Mix color flower basket of roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums etc.
    • Includes total about 25 stems flowers in different verities like pink roses, yellow and green chrysanthemum, pink carnations, white lilies etc.
    • White gypsophila fillers and green leaves are used.
    •  Matching pink ribbon bow is added to the basket.
    • Free delivery offered in Sharjah and Ajman with a complementary message card.
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  • mix flowers arrangement AED : 239

    Mix Color Flowers Basket

    •  Mixed color flower basket in 5 assorted colors
    • Total 30 blooms of lilies chrysanthemum, carnations, roses and iris
    • Decorated with green leaves, ferns and foliage
    • Free delivery is offered in Sharjah and Ajman with greeting card
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  • 12 white roses valentine AED : 239

    12 White Roses Bouquet

    • 12 White Roses bouquet
    • White Wrapping
    • White Ribbon 
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  • pink white flowers bouquet for free delivery AED : 240

    Pretty Please

    Flower bouquet includes:
    • Pink carnations -7
    • Peach rose-7
    • White lisianthus-10
    • Pink spray rose-5
    • Leaf and fillers
    • Free Delivery
    • Free Greetings Card
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    25 Mix Roses

    • 25 Mixed Roses Bouquet
    • Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange Available
    • Free Delivery from 9 AM to 5 PM
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  • flower gift - simple and elegant model AED : 249

    Simply Vintage

    Please call us and confirm the availability of flowers before ordering
    • White/ Pink cymbidium
    • Red roses
    • Matching Greens
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  • 12 Red Roses Vase Teddy Chocolates AED : 250


    • Combo gift pack of roses teddy chocolates ideal for special days
    • 12 red roses set in a vase, 36 cm teddy bear, and 200g Ferrero Rocher chocolate box
    • Long stemmed roses arranged in red vase decorated with green leaves and ribbon bow
    • Home delivery in Sharjah and Ajman with a free greeting card for printing personal message
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  • Relaxed Rhythm - Glass Vase Arrangement with 24 Red Roses AED : 250

    Relaxed Rhythm

    • Long stem 24 red roses set exquisitely in a charming glass vase
    • Decorated with green leaves and white gypsophila fillers
    • A suitable and matching ribbon is added to the vase
    • Message printed on a free greeting card that goes with this vase
    • Same day free home delivery is possible in Sharjah and Ajman

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  • Fair Fusion – White Lilies Roses Basket Arrangement AED : 250

    Fair Fusion – White Liles Roses

    • White lilies roses arranged beautifully in a willow woven basket
    • Includes 15 roses and 5 oriental lilies with white gypsophila fillers and leaves
    • Has a height of about 70 cm and width around 50 cm
    • A suitable white ribbon is added to the basket
    • Home delivery everywhere in Sharjah and Ajman is possible with a free greeting card
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  • mix flowers basket as a best gifting idea AED : 250

    Eternal classic

    Beautiful round basket designed with yellow white and green color. Arrangement includes:
    • Roses,
    • Chrysanthemum
    • Carnations.
    • Free Card
    • Ribbon if needed
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  • premium flower box AED : 250

    White Flowers Box

    • White Flowers Box
    • 60 CM Height
    • Free Delivery 
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  • Bouquet of Mixed Roses with Balloon Patchi Chocolate AED : 250

    Golden Beauty

    • Style: Combo Gift: Bouquet of mixed colour roses, arranged in an off-white wrapping and golden ribbon bow + Patchi chocolate box (250 grams) + Micro foil balloon (Thank you)
    • Size: Bouquet Height 60CM and 30CM Width.
    • Quality:  Mix roses are freshly arranged by our experienced florist in a hand bouquet. Shipping is always in a temperature-controlled van directly from the shop to the recipient.
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  • 24 pink roses vase AED : 255

    Pink Sensation

    • 24 Pink Roses 
    • Cylinder Vase Arrangement
    • Free Printed Card Message Card
    • Same Day Free Delivery
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  • 24 mixed roses AED : 255

    Colorful Creation-24 Mixed Roses

    • Long stemmed 24 mixed roses arranged in a transparent glass vase
    • Yellow, Orange, and Red roses are decorated using green leaves and suitable fillers
    • Free Delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman is guaranteed on all days
    • A free greeting card is delivered along with vase bearing your message
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  • Mixed Rose Basket AED : 255


    • Long stemmed 24 roses set gracefully in a transparent glass vase
    • 8 stems each of Red, Orange and white roses decorated with green leaves
    • Hand delivery anywhere in Sharjah and Ajman assured
    • Free greeting card is offered to convey your personal message
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Thanks Giving Flowers and Gifts Near By

Everyone gets an opportunity to give Thanks giving flowers within their relationships. Here we like to add some floral designs especially for giving thanks to your loved ones and colleagues 2017 designs. One of the simple and best gifts of Thanksgiving flowers from a local florist. On a remarkable day celebration, send flowers to Sharjah and explore a new idea to celebrate a special day in UAE style. Mothers day flower delivery by a reliable local florist from easily accessible location and perfect time. A unique economical idea for making a meaningful gift in Sharjah.

Give surprise and let them cherish the day just because of you. Send Thanksgiving Flowers and bouquet simply to Emirate of Sharjah from anywhere without a delivery charge.  Most used websites provide you simple way to order and execute the payment for delivering flowers in Sharjah. In a word, think of, “lovely flowers for loving someone in Sharjah”.

When was the last time you tried something new?

Quality of your choice and message will give life to what we deliver to the recipient. We regularly get asked how we sending out flowers across Sharjah and Dubai. We are happy to say that we delivering fresh flowers directly to the recipient as hand delivery. As a local flower shop in UAE, we are not dealing with the shipment of boxed flowers which is awkward. That you can see yourself from our website without graphical images and only handmade fresh flowers.

Check it out and order Thanksgiving flowers here for same-day free delivery. We have been very pleased with the customer response through great service. And of course, trust us as a genuine florist!

Easy and the best way to show gratitude

Repay a gift that makes them happy. Generally speaking, don’t just appreciate someone for something they’ve arranged for you; let them understand precisely how greatly they accomplish their role. That doesn’t mean something tremendous and expensive. Humble gifts of gratitude, like flower bouquet or a box of their preferred chocolates, will have an immense influence on their minds. With this in mind send Thanksgiving flowers and chocolates to your loved ones. 

Here are some real gifts that a lady can deliver to the boss in a business meeting. Office flower arrangements delivery and corporate flower delivery service by local florist Sharjah. Weekly replacement of reception flowers and meeting tables on Sundays with fresh flowers. A customized reception flower arrangement is possible on inquiry to Sharjah including the following type of Address:

Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Govt Premisses, Star Hotels, Residence, Resorts