Box Arrangements

Box Arrangements

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Box Arrangement

Flowers in box are one of the best types of arrangements to brighten up any recipient’s mood. Global studies show that flowers act as natural mood moderators, and their impact is felt for long periods on the recipients’ emotional welfare. A box of flowers helps the recipient in dealing with stress, depression, and agitated state of mind.

What is a Box Arrangement?

A bouquet aesthetically arranged in a specific shape in box using floral foams offering excellent display of flowers. Fresh flowers in wet foam enable them to absorb water from it and thus help them remain fresh for days. Boxed flowers are one of the best for gifting patients or people who won’t have enough time to take care of the flowers. They don’t need a vase or other container to save them. 
Flowers in box need no rearrangements after receiving. They look lovely as centerpieces, as just need to keep on table. More care for these lovely arrangements can make a big difference and help them to remain fresher for some more days. Most of the arrangements in box stay fresh for a week, depending on the type of flowers and the care after delivery. Box arrangements are best for new born baby gift, congratulations and birthdays.

Care for Boxed Flowers
1. To maintain flower box arrangement looking fresh, make sure you keep your flowers in a cool dry, out of direct sunlight and warmth.
2. Keep the flowers fresh by adding little amounts of water in between the arrangement to keep them hydrated. It will keep the flowers live for a couple of days.

Some of the best flower ideas for box
Long-lasting elegance is an eclectic collection of the season’s best Pink, Purple & Champagne Roses. Pink roses show your love, and the purple blooms symbolize your charm or attraction. Yellow roses bring joy and cheer. Sending this beautiful arrangement of colorful roses are ideal for expressing your heartfelt feelings to the person you love. These flowers in box also help you to express feelings about how much you appreciate their presence in your life.
Nothing else can cheer up one’s day better than radiant yellow roses. This arrangement is a beautiful sight to eyes. See your loved one glow in peace with these golden flashes of stunning roses. Garden of Eden is a beautiful combination of cool blue and bright yellow flowers. Blue hydrangea and dramatic hyacinth paired beautifully with yellow roses and tulips in a round flower box look really awesome.