Best Friend Ever

Pink Lilies Red Roses Bouquet with 21...

AED : 217

  • Style: 3 stems of pink lilies and 9 red roses are arranged with fillers as a hand bouquet. 
  • Size: 60 CM height and 30CM width
  • Quality: Fresh pink lilies and red roses arranged by expert florist. A temperature-controlled van is used for delivery and this ensures the flowers stay fresh.

Product Description

Sending flowers to your near and dear ones is never restricted to any special occasion. Be it any grand or ordinary day, these small bundles of sweet-smelling flowers would radiate joy wherever they are placed. This adorable combination of pink lilies and red roses is one of the best to deliver as a gift. Despite the short life of the flowers, the value they impart in each person's lives is big. Being a popular and cost-effective way to spread happiness around, flowers are always the perfect choice. Realize the worth of every person in your life and let them know that they are important to you. Apart from being a celebratory ornament, this hand bouquet of lilies and red roses can give relief to someone in distress or simply show your kindness. Everyone cherishes flowers in one way or another, so gifting them with such blooms would instantly spread smiles all over the face. Moreover, the act of sending flowers is itself a good deed that would fill you with positivity. Express yourself and impress a lady with this gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers.

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