Potted Green Plant

Potted Green Plants

AED : 130

Plant as a Special Gift

  • Fresh Peace Lily Plant
  • 15 CM White Ceramic Pot
  • Free delivery from 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Soil Included. (Ready for Delivery within 3 hours)

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  • Potted Zamia Plant AED : 125

    Zamia Plant Gift

    -First-class air-purifier plant.  -It is rated best for AC rooms.  -Requires low maintenance.  -Recommended as one of the best indoor plants for deep light situations. -Available for Next Day Delivery -Shipment will be free  -Call us and confirm the availability before ordering 
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  • Money plant and Patchi Chocolates AED : 245

    Positive Minds

    • Style: Combo Gift: Money plant grown in in a grey colour round pot. along with Patchi chocolates x1 box(250gms) 
    • Size: Height 3 Feet including pot
    • Quality: Money plant planted in a grey colour pot along with Patchi chocolate box. Shipping is in a temperature-controlled van directly from the shop to the recipient address. Tip and Care
    • Pour water into the pot almost every day, in small quantity.
    • Change soil every 6 months and allow the facility to grow further. 
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