Zamia Plant Gift

Potted Zamia Plant

AED : 125

-First-class air-purifier plant. 

-It is rated best for AC rooms. 

-Requires low maintenance. 

-Recommended as one of the best indoor plants for deep light situations.

-Available for Next Day Delivery

-Shipment will be free 

-Call us and confirm the availability before ordering 


Product Description

To care: 

-Sunlight: Indirect Natural or Artificial Bright light.

-Watering: Use near 50 ml water when the topsoil (7-10 cm) in the pot seems dry on  feeling.

-Soil: Soil needs to be well-drained, rich with rich natural content.

-Temperature: 20 to 35 degrees Celsius.

-Fertilizer: Use organic fertilizer once in 2 months.

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